Good evening friends & families!

The final day of our Global Glimpse journey has finally come. While we are all very excited to return home tomorrow, we have enjoyed the time together bonding over the triumphs and challenges we have faced.

In the morning, we had an opportunity to spend time reflecting on each day of the trip. We made individual journey maps illustrating the 5 most memorable things, an inspirational person, and a self-reflection on leadership. We brainstormed things that we would like to stop, start, and continue upon returning home. We wrote anonymous appreciation notes to each other and appreciation letters to supporters of Global Glimpse, too.

We had a little bit of time after lunch to start packing our bags. In the afternoon we prepped for our last English Tutoring class and headed over to the high school. During the classes, we experienced our first Jarabacoa rain storm. After many hugs goodbye, we made our way to the pizza joint where we all got to have some long-awaited pizza! We also got to celebrate Mathieu’s birthday early with a big cake!

After dinner, we headed back to La Salle for some much needed bonding before we head to the airport tomorrow. As soon as we got back and settled into our rooms, the electricity went out. Some were a little freaked out, but before it turned into something more, the lights turned on again. We moved into the common area to share our last evening together. Emma and I handed out some funny awards and performed a rap about the GG experience to kick off the student Open Mic Night! Jishnu gave an incredible speech and then breakdanced for us all. Bella performed a song.  We ended the Mic Night with tearful Big Love all around. As TP was being passed around, we laughed, cried, and sang together.

Emma and I are so proud of our students for their courage, compassion, and commitment shown on this trip. Their audacity and resilience through the triumphs and trials faced have inspired us both.We are so fortunate to have led such an amazing group of teenagers for these last 16 days.

See you at the airport!

Hannah & Emma



Spent the morning reflecting on their experience and writing appreciation letters to supporters of Global Glimpse


Intermediate A: (Cecilia, Jessica, Abby)

Intermediate B: (Bella, Mathieu, Clara)

Intermediate C: Jishnu, Angali, Skylar)

Advanced (Lorenzo & Gianna)

Beginner C: (CJ, Marvin, & Briseyda)

Beginner A: (Natalie, Rich, & Valerie)

Beginner B: (Alfredo, Ava, & Yadira)

Rich helping a girl get to class in the rain.

Whole group eating yummy pizza for our last dinner together in the DR!

Celebrating Mathieu’s birthday!

Ending the night with a dance party and some much-needed bonding before we depart tomorrow!