QD: How important is tourism for the economy of a developing country?

Today the two delegations in Matagalpa visited Volcan Masaya, Mirador de Catarina and two hand craft markets. The trip today was a huge success, the delegations really bonded during the almost 3 hr bus ride there and back. We had a great time at the volcano even though we weren’t able to stay long and we had a beautiful view of the crater lake (Mirador de Catarina). ¬†Also we saw the other delegation from Esteli. This was the first time in Global Glimpse history where three delegations have been together in the same place.


We did spend a lot of time shopping and buying souvenirs at the hand craft market which goes to answer the question of the day. Investing our US dollars in their country really helps to boost their economy because it’s bringing in new revenue to boost their national economy. Some of us were able to get good deals because we learned how to bargain prices!