Hello friends and family! Today was CAP Day 3, the day we finally finished our project.

Our morning started off as usual: we woke up at 7 AM, then we ate breakfast. After, we were on our way to Santa Cruz to complete the CAP. On our way there, we picked up some flowers and extra supplies needed for the garden. When we got there, we got straight to work starting with the scrubbing of the floors, while the paint team was finishing the walls. We added more to the mural and more lines to our basketball court.

We proceeded to have lunch, which was rice, meat and potatoes, and tortillas (yum yum), along with tamarind juice and chia seeds (in a bag, of course)! After lunch, we were surprised with a very gracious, heart-warming thank you from the director as well as the teachers from Santa Cruz. They invited us into a classroom where they offered us some super good bread that they made just for Global Glimpse because they weren’t able to make enchiladas in time. We appreciated the bread oh so very much! Two children from Santa Cruz gave us a traditional dance to show their gratitude for our hard work and contribution to the beautifying of their school (which was last painted 16 years ago).

After realizing we only had THREE hours left to complete everything, everyone got back to working on the walls, the mural, and the court. While we were working, we got to get to know some of the children. A plethora of little girls and boys came out randomly to hug some of the Glimpsers, while some of the children went off to play baseball in their own creative ways. As people were working hard, it started to inconveniently rain like it did yesterday, at the same time too! It was difficult because there was mud everywhere, the water was coming into the paint, and the walls were becoming wet so it was challenging to apply color on them.

As the rain cleared up and our project was finally coming to an end, coach and the group of glimpsers helped build the garden, gettin’ down and dirty (seriously). While they were doing that, a bunch of us were cleaning up, putting all the stuff away, and wiping all the paint off our bodies. After we were done cleaning up and finished with the garden, we admired the hard work quickly because we had to get back and get ready for English tutoring.

When we got back to the hostel, everyone showered and had dinner. We then went to our second to last day of English tutoring. The rest of the day proceeded with our usual nightly reflection of the CAP and now… we’re here!
Thank you for reading! Heh…he


Chantal Irmiter

PS: Home in three days! Can’t believe it! Miss you all <3

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