We woke up at 7:30 am and had brekafast at 8:30. We then traveld to La Casita and met up with Lauryn and Rodney, who both work for two non profit organizations in Nicaragua. We had a workshop with these speakers to go over the meaning of sustainability and critique scenarios which were past projects, which was helpful in applying these lessons learned to our service project at La Garnacha. La Casita was an outside cafe with a graden and a  stream running through. Overall it was a beautful place to have our workshop, and everyone got a chance to order a tea or snack. We then ate lunch for an hour and had free time for about 2 hours. Everyone ended up meeting up at the English class and we also passed out certificates for sudents who have been attending since day 1. Everyone was taking pictures with these students and enjoyed spending their last day witht them. We later went to dinner and went back to the hostel to have our nightly meeting.

Serving as leader of the day taught me how to be patient if things don’t go as  planned and how to be adaptable.  I also talked to a lot of people I normally don’t talk to and became closer with them. Being leader of the day was fun and I also learned how to be a better leader for the future.