Today we woke up at 6:15 and  started our second day of the Community Action Plan (CAP), and we successfully finished our project by assembling and painting two tables for the children to eat on. Previously to this project, the children had to eat outside and on the ground, which is extremely  infested with bugs. By providing a table for the children to eat, we were able to create a more sanitary and comfortable environment for them. After we finished assembling the tables, one of our fellow glimpsers, Gabriel Babaoye perfected them by painting a symbolic flower which “embodied the hopes of education and all of the supporters that contributed to the construction of the tables.” This flower had the Global Glimpse, Fabreto School, and Esteli logo on it in addition to the numerous handprints of the Global Glimpse group on the benches. Putting together and finalizing this project was stressful and difficult at times; however, everyone was able to pull together and work as a team to execute this project. To end the day we went out to Casa Vecchia for our final dinner. We learned that communicating, being patient, and separating into groups  allowed us to be more efficient and finish the project effectively. We, as leaders of the day, are most proud of ourselves and our fellow glimpsers for learning from our previous mistakes and working more as a team.

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