Hola! It’s Ignacio 🙂

Today was our final full day in Jarabacoa and tomorrow morning we go back home. We started off the day by having a nice breakfast consisting of pancakes and eggs. After breakfast we had a 3 hour seminar where we reflected on the days we were here. During this seminar we played a game were we got to pick people who made a great impact during our stay. Then we talked about all the things that we will start, stop and continue doing in our daily lives.

After this, we did Big Love in a different way were we had to write a short note to each person telling them how much they meant to us. Lastly, we held a student open mic, were we expressed our feelings throughout the program and the conclusion of it.

After the seminar, we had 30 minutes of quiet time, then lunch. Afterwards we had 4 hours of free/ explore time, students had the option to stay at the hostel and call home or go to the city. We then had to freshen up to go back to the city and have one final goodbye dinner with all the ambassadors, leaders, and PC’s. It was a very emotional later towards the end of dinner because we had to say goodbye to the ambassadors whom we got so close to. We took pictures, laughed, cried, overall it was such a bittersweet moment. We then took a bus back to the hostel where we ended up having one last karaoke session. Once it was over, it was time for the students to get ready for their last night at the hostel because tomorrow we are heading back home.

Adios, we almost home!!!

P.S. – Hi mum, i’m still alive. I’ll see you soon and I love you. <3

Jasmine and Aditi

The girls and John, Allen and Julio

Waiting for pizza


The guys, Jasmine and Darle