Hi Everyone! Its Sydney aka Tall Drink of Water J! In a unique way I decided to share the day backwards!

So my time as leader ended with me handing the torch off to the next ELDD, the lovely Kayla. Though prior to that, we had a fun and exciting nightly meeting; all of us were energized by the talent show that we just had. Since tonight was our last night of English tutoring, we let all the students show their talent to the rest of the school. There was a lot of singing, dancing, and happiness. All of us teachers were really proud of the students though we all felt a twang of sadness as we knew it would be the last time we saw them for this trip.

Before all the excitement of the talent show and English tutoring, we had a fabulous dinner of spaghetti and bread. Since today was a free day (so happy about that) we had about three hours of free time before dinner so everyone did their own thing. Some people played cards while others went shopping and went out into the city. I personally went with a group to buy a surprise for the delegation.

Previous to the glorious afternoon, we had a magnificent lunch of fried chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes. Again, we had free time before lunch so many of us took advantage of the time by calling our lovely parents, buying bread, or doing a lot of shopping. But before the mass of free time, I gave an energizing energizer called Bang! The group had a lot of fun playing this game. Former to this game, we had quite the breakfast of fruit cups with pineapple, watermelon, and papaya. Before any part of this exciting day could even start, the group had a late wakeup call at 8:30. This allowed the group to sleep in which felt so nice, especially after our hard day’s work doing the CAP this past week.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and please keep them up! J

TDW signing off!

P.S. Hi mom! Hi dad! Hi Tyler!