Hello everyone! My name is Belinda, and I was El Lider Del Dia for July 14th. Our day was centered around global business and eco-tourism. We all woke up to a 7:00am breakfast and then hopped onto the bus to go visit Rancho Los Alpes, an eco-friendly ranch and lodge. Although most of us were still tired from the CAP and wanted to sleep in, I think we all brightened up when we saw the beautiful view at the ranch. After an introduction from the manager and an informational video regarding the ranch and its activities, we split off into groups to go milk cows and make tortillas. Making tortillas was (at least for me) much harder than expected, but we were all rewarded with our own tortillas that we ate smothered with sour cream and salt. Similar to the tortillas, milking the cow looked far easier than it actually was. Most of us were happy to get some action shots; there were a select few who were skilled enough to actually squeeze out milk. Our final moments at the lodge were spent singing (more like screeching) kareoke.

Coming back to the hostel, we had lunch and then a team builder. After that, we had an academic seminar led by our GG leaders about global business, in which we discussed the effect of our consumer choices on an international level. We then had 3 hours of free time, provided that we had turned in our letters of appreciation. Dinner featured tacos and lollipops, and then we had our nightly meeting. Overall, it was a relaxing day after our hard work on our CAP.

PS- See you all in a couple days!