We came, we saw, we experienced a lot together. So on that note, Global…Glimpse! Bonao…activo, starting with…

Top 30 B1C Delegation Moments or Memories (in no particular order)

  1. Liselot, Pamela, and Javier “hola chicos” – we may never eat like that again or be crammed in a bus like that again in our lives
  2. Cody’s never having a thorn, no negativity outlook
  3. Our chicken beef lunch 🙂 
  4. Maddox’s spoken word – touching, deep, and powerful  
  5. Mary “the child whisperer” Duffy
  6. That we never want to give Ben a Leader of the Day sash again 🙂 
  7. That the girls can hold their own in our delegation whether it comes to digging on work like a local day, sit-up or push up competitions, or baseball. Go Yaya, Dolly, Kianna, Ami, Kayla, Alexia, Andrea, Violet and Maddox!
  8. Uno. Spit. Spades. Lots and lots of card games.
  9. That teaching isn’t as easy as it looks & what would we do without our ambassadors for English tutoring 
  10. Steven is the bionic man. May you make it through 12th grade injury free! 
  11. Learning a little more about vegetarianism and veganism and how what we eat has a bigger effect on this world
  12. We don’t like Carnaval puppets that come to life and Emmanuel doesn’t like dogs that bark
  13. The joy and fun of playing with the children at La Fundación
  14. Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and face wipes have become our friend! 
  15. We may come home and start telling our friends and family “salud” during the day. 
  16. Our 10 pesos collection box 
  17. Getting beat by our local Dominican friends in baseball
  18. Party in the USA!
  19. Hearing the powerful stories of Haitian immigrants to DR. Thank you Javier and Ernesto and all the community members of Batey Palave
  20. Gaining an appreciation for all the luxuries of home. WiFi that works, AC, cold drinks, toilets flushing and running showers. 
  21. Trying not to be late so you don’t have to wash dishes.
  22. Jumping off the 27 Charcos & there is no shame in walking down the stairs 🙂
  23. Bhobolate bhip bookie or however you say it
  24. Free day explore time to stock up on snacks 
  25. Everyone’s talents during “Passing the Torch” time
  26. Global Glimpse Leaders’ day off and coconuts on the beach 🙂  Shout out to Camilo our cab driver! And first class upgrade on the way home! Thanks Alex 🙂
  27. Hearing activists speak about what Loma Miranda means to them
  28. Working together as a team on our Community Action Project
  29. Freddy’s Empanadas end of delegation party! Party bus fun 🙂
  30. Making new friends and having new experiences we will cherish forever 

Bonus: Emma and Violet are actually twins. You’ve been bamboozled.