Family & Friends,

We have grown to call the DR a home, because of the welcoming spirit within every Dominican we met.  A common phrase used in conversation is “mi casa es tu casa” meaning “my home is your home”. We will never forget the warm hospitality of the locals here in Jarabacoa, especially the ladies who cared for us at our accommodations. While we have grown to make the DR a home for the last 16 days, today is the day we return to our home in the US. In the morning we packed our bags, cleaned our rooms, said our goodbyes to the accommodation staff, and said our final goodbyes. Our 2-hour bus ride was long enough to reminisce on all that we have accomplished and learned from the countless seminars, tours, projects, and activities. As we ate our ham and cheese sandwiches, listened to our favorite tunes, and said goodbye to Jarabacoa, we know that what we have learned and experienced in this place is something extraordinary. The friendships that were cultivated on the trip are especially meaningful because the connections wouldn’t have been made if we all had our phones.

We arrived at the Santiago airport with time to spare and checked in our bags. We said goodbye to our program coordinators and were off to the US. Arriving in Newark and going through immigration and border security was surprisingly easy. We had just enough time to grab a bite to eat. (Most of us ended up getting burgers ~ what a surprise HAH). We are now currently on our way to SFO, anxiously awaiting our friends and families. What sweet reunions they will be.

SFO we are coming for ya!


P.S. Now we’ve made it! 🙂