QD: What can we do today to prepare for the upcoming days? Is there anything that I want to learn? Environment, culture, ect…


Liv and Emily with the ladies at the artisan shop


Liv and Malia enjoying some coffee at the cafe


Emily, me (Andrea), and Crystal at the cafe


Kalia showing some souvenirs she bought


Meeting up with the other Matagalpa delegation on their last day here

Today was our second and final “free day”. We all got to go out into Matagalpa and have some time to ourselves to enjoy the city. Some people finished up on souvenir shopping, got to see our local friends, call home, and had time to roam outside of the hostel. Some of us met up with the other delegation staying ¬†around the corner. They are going home tonight so they had some free time during their “final reflection day”. After our dinner of gaillo pinto, salad, and chicken sausage we went to english classes at El Progresso. Overall I believe that they went very well and seeing that Wednesday is our last class our students were exited to plan parties and enjoy the last day we have together.

At some points today became very stressful. Since today was a free day is was more difficult to keep everyone on point and following directions. There was frustration and negativity but at the end of the night people were able to talk it out and work through the issues. After the nightly meeting it was all love as if nothing had ever happened. To me, this is a prime example of how close we have all become to each other, we are more than people living together in a foreign country, we are a family.