Salutations friends and family back home. Today was our second fun day and as our title suggests it was super fun!  We started off the day at 6:00am and had a lovely breakfast of pastries, yogurt, and fruit on the bus going to Volcan Masaya in Granada.  It was a long 2 and a half hours of travel in a small, white, cramped bus, but it was worth the ride once we arrived. Since the volcano tourist area was open later than scheduled, we had to breeze through the volcano museum where we got an idea of the history behind the volcano. After that, we had a short bus ride up where we got to explore around the top of the volcano. The view was a tad ashy, so we only spent 15 minutes there taking pictures and admiring the landscape.

Preview of our next album cover...It's going to be smoking hot ;)

Preview of our next album cover…It’s going to be smoking hot 😉

For lunch, we got our first taste of fast food in over 2 weeks!  We stopped at Tip-Top (it is kind of like the Nicaraguan version of KFC) for some delicious fried chicken and french fries.  Once we finished the appetizing lunch, we headed towards the Catarina souvenir market and bought what our hearts desired. There were piles of T-shirts that costs only $3! All the handmade, colorful trinkets were at a reasonable price and so we’re sure that you’ll all be seeing some of these when we come back. At the far end of the market, there was an amazing view of Laguna de Apoyo that made us all excited to be able to jump in after we took the short bus ride down to the water.

We then arrived at a lodge called Monkey Hut which overlooked the lagoon. The view was surreal because the water was so blue and soothingly warm due to the fact that the water came from the dormant volcano.  As soon as we got in our swim suits and our life jackets situated, we jumped right into the water. We spent what felt like hours kayaking, swimming, riding the small waves, and having a blast with our fellow Glimpsers.  Spending time at the lagoon with each other was a great time to bond as our time together on this trip is coming to an end.


The only thing that’s blue in this picture is the water.

We then endured the long bus ride back to our hostel where we had our nightly meeting.  During the middle of it, we were greeted with pizza that put smiles on our face and filled our cravings for American food.  We had a fabulous day spending time looking at amazing views, doing amazing activities, and hanging out with amazing people.


(p.s. from Paige- I love you mom, dad, and Curtis! I can’t wait to see you guys in a couple of days!!!)

(p.p.s. from Jennifer: I miss you guys–mom, dad, Marion, Lillian, and Sandra! I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip when I get back home.)