Today was a really long day. Today we went to La Garanacha and we were working on a service project for the community. The project we’re working on are the trash cans and the garden. The garden was our main project and the trash cans was a side project that we’re doing. We split in two different groups to work on the projects but the garden required a lot more work, so we took more students from the trash can group to work on the garden since it was much harder to work on.

Piggy RideWorking on the Garden in La GaranachaI love you mom, dad and mina. – Yoseph



Yo. Today was a chill day; while some of the girls worked, a couple of them were fanning Yoseph and me and kissing our feet.

Just kidding.

Today was not a chill day. The guys were doing all the work and we were busy fanning the girls and kissing their feet.

Just kidding.

All in all, our first CAP Project day was a success; we’ve done some major progress and knocked out most of the hardest tasks. I was in the Gardening Group and Yoseph was working with the Trash Can Group. Trash cans are almost done, and on CAP Day 2, they’ll be helping the main project: gardening.

Gardening was such a pain. As we work, we’ve found many ant colonies, and throughout the several hours, many of us, if not all, were bitten by the ants and they started to bug all of us, since our insect repellents do not seem to work. The lunch was amazing, however. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and it was a switch-up to the usual rice and beans.

I’m glad the Glimpsers were cooperating as a group as well as enjoying the conversations as we work. Everyone’s getting a good night sleep tonight and we’ll be ready for Day 2 of CAP.

Day 2, here we come!

Shoutout to my family/friends, and S. Branch/Homie.

-Ricky T.