With the on going pressures of finishing the childrens playhouse CAP delivery day 2 was both a success and a day for improvements. To quickly summarize our daily activities we arose at dawn to eat breakfast and to begin planning the rest of our work day. We departed our home (the fundacion) towards Rio Blanco in hopes of finishing whatever projects were left. Our delegation successfully completed about 80 percent of the projects and all that remained was completing the english alphabet paintings, the flooring, and the merry-go-round. We ate lunch and further continued our work until we had to leave to the fundacion in order to get ready for our graduation ceremonies. After the ceremonies we concluded the afternoon with dinner and our nightly meeting.

In detail, our day began as we rose from our daily slumber at 6 in the morning. We partially struggled due to some difficulties in wakening our group mates. However, we overcame this obstacle with persistency and by affirming our leadership positions. We ensured that everyone was ready and downstairs at the designated time. Unfortunately, our breakfast did not arrive until about 715 which put us a little behind schedule. When it did arrive, everyone ate quickly enough to resume our plans as scheduled with the guagua arriving at 745. The bus trip to Rio Blanco went smoothly and we began working at 830. Initially we banded our entire group together to designate our  teammates to complete certain tasks. The see-saw, swing, and the walls  were practically completed.

At 1230 lunch began, we had rice, salad, chicken, and fried eggplant to eat. As time dragged on  we only had until 230 to work and we did not completely accomplish all that we had hoped to finish. After our work time we boarded the guagua (bus) back heading towards the fundacion. We prepped for the english class ceremonies until 5pm. After the ceremonies we ate dinner at 7pm and hosted our daily nightly meeting with our delegation at 8. In conclusion we received feedback on our leadership skills and we passed the honor to next leaders.


Sincerely, Victor & Eric

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