Hi, my name is Rosa Martinez and I had the privilege of being “el lider del dia” for day two of our CAP. We spent most of the day at La Escuela Perfecta Perez where we continued our project. The day’s challenges were met with optimism and determination. As we entered the school, it was hard not to notice parts of the roof lying on the floor, the paint sprawled across the floor, and a unfinished vision. That didn’t discourage us from jumping directly into the project.

We had all the materials to leave a positive legacy, but time was definitely of the essence. Slowly the mess transformed into our initial visions. The garden group built a sturdy fence, using materials like bamboo that they acquired during our farm visit. It was a struggle to fertilize the soil because it was composed of concrete bricks, but the group managed to clear the soil with hopes of planting tomorrow. The pre-school group used a variety of colors along with creativity to create a space where kids with feel comfortable and excited about. We began the project with a room covered in dirt and cracks into one that is now lined with vibrant butterflies, fireflies, flowers, and trees. Walking into the room it was hard to not be influenced by the bright yellow sun. The room radiates a positive, inviting energy. The room is mostly complete and just needs final touches.

After two days of work, we have changed the appearance of the school drastically. The reason we have found early successes in the project is because of teamwork. Everyone had a role that contributed to the larger goal: empowering a community. Being the leader simply meant to be a part of team. I continued with my role as a designer for the pre-school group, but still carried the responsibility of time management. A wish I held at the beginning of the day  was that every voice would be amplified. Throughout the entire day, I witnessed  everyone using their skills and ideas to complete the projects. I was surprised at the amount of collaboration that went on. As a group, I can say we are all excited to complete and present our projects.