Hello everyone! This is Kayla Gruen posting on our last night in Esteli before departure day. We started the day with a 7:00 wake up call, getting ready for a delicious breakfast at 8, of ham and cheese omelets. After breakfast we played a very fun game of Mafia, where we uncovered Emily as the killer. After our energizer game we all split up and had free time. Most people went to the bakery, others went to make their last calls at the cyber café as well as getting last minute gifts. Meanwhile, Sydney, Nova, and I went to get a gift for the people who work at the hostel, who have done so much for us during our time here. Everyone came back for lunch at 12, where we ate chicken, rice, beets, and fried plantains which we have all grown to love during our time in Nicaragua. After lunch we continued to work on our second drafts for our letters of appreciation to our much appreciated Global Glimpse donors, while Na’Tasia had her leadership meeting as our last leader of the day.

After lunch, we all came together for our final closing trip seminar. We reflected on all of the experiences we have shared on this trip together, how we felt about them, and how this trip and what we have learned will motivate us to take action in the future. Many said that what they want to stop doing is taking things for granted, and to start having more appreciation for the things that they do have, such as taking advantage of our opportunity to have a good education. Also during our final reflection, we passed around big love sheets, where we put anonymous notes on each person’s papers and said things we love about them. We finished off our final seminar with a unity clap where we used the word “family,” which is what we all are. At 5, we had a delicious dinner of enchiladas, and then continued letter writing for our final drafts after. We had our nightly meeting where I passed the torch to Na’Tasia, where she sang beautifully for her talent. For our last night in Nicaragua, we plan to play a group game of Mafia in the dark, and have a special surprise for the group at 9. We are all looking forward to seeing all of our family’s late tomorrow night/early Monday.

Signing Off,

Kayla Gruen aka Flaca


PS Caroline Keystone please bring In n Out to the airport J

PSS Momma Caldwell if you’re reading this I am alive and would love an Adelitas burrito thanks.

PSSS Mom Sofia, aye can you bring in n out for me (Javi) and some for coach Troy? Thanks!