Free Day! Today we got to choose how we wanted to spend our time. After two exhausting days working on our CAP project today was greatly appreciated. We woke up at 7:30 for breakfast where we ate fruit loops and beans for breakfast. It felt nice to have a bit of an American taste. After that almost everyone went back to bed and napped until 11. Then we went out and got some smoothies and enjoyed lunch at the hostel. For lunch we had rice with chicken and vegetables. After lunch, we split up into 2 groups and pretty much did the same activities which were: shopping/bargaining, walking around Leon and embracing the culture in our last few days here. Many people finished their souvenir shopping. Some people got hammocks and others got shirts, headbands, wallets, and bracelets. We all continued to bond, have an amazing time with each other making it even harder knowing that our trip is coming to an end so soon! We returned from a great day of exploring the city to tacos for dinner at the hostel. We also got a coconut treat for dessert which tasted amazing. A highlight of el lider del dia was right after I got the torch. A group of us were all laying on the floor watching three geckos on the ceiling and one fell and flew from the ceiling! It was awesome seeing a flying gecko and it ended up being just fine. The day was relaxing and full of fun for all of us!