Today we woke up at 5:15 and prepared to begin our second fun day. We took an hour long bus ride to the city of Samoto. In Samoto we took a tour through one of the fourty Rosquillas making factories in the city. Rosquillas are  corn-based cookies that usually consist of other ingredients such as cinnamon and sugar, and are considered one of the most traditional snacks in Nicaragua. After the tour, we took a bus ride to Samoto Canyon where we hiked down a rocky trail until we reached the river. We then drifted down the river for about three hours, where we also jumped off 12-foot cliffs into the water a few times. Everybody exhibited positive attitudes and interest in this activity which made this activity undeniably fun. After the canyon, we went back to the hostel to freshen up for our dinner at Tip Top where we had our dinner. Though not all of the students were 100 percent confident about getting in the water, we all got in and faced our fears. As a leader, seeing that me proud of myself for leading them, and proud of them for pushing through the negatives to turn them into bright positives. Overall, this was truly a fun day and it was my pleasure leading the glimpsers through this adventure.


Reminder to Parents: American Airlines Flight 69, Lands at 8:05 on Friday Evening. Please be there to pick up your child.

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