Your girls Kim and Casey here,

Today was the final full day of our Nicaraguan adventure, and our final Fun Day. The day started off at a crisp 5:00am, the Glimpsers being surprised with a song and dance awakening. Continuing the merriment  we headed off to Cerro Negro, the active volcano in Leon.

First on the list of things given to us at our arrival there was a 15 pound board which we were to carry on our trek. Snacks being the most exciting part of our essentials,  you could feel the excitement in the air for the slide down the side of the volcano. In the beginning, the walk up was exhilarating but within 5 minutes everyone was sweating, breathing hard and ready to be done. After a gruesome 45 minutes, and multiple breaks, we made it to the top more than ready for what was to come. (For those back home who have hiked Mission Peak, it was 45 minutes at the hardest part of Mission Peak.) We enjoyed the view, the company, and took advantage of the Christmas card worthy photos. After touching the volcanic soil, we headed over to the side of the volcano and “suited up” as Barney Stinson would say. The slide down was LEGEND – wait for it – DARY. Everyone had an amazing time but struggled to not flip off of their boards and eat dirt. The rocks and rubble in our shoes, clothes, and hair were totally worth the ride. Once everyone reached the bottom, took a few more post-worthy photos, we headed back to the hostel to have an early lunch.


After lunch, we had a few hours of free time which allowed everyone one last chance to explore Leon before our departure. Some went souvenir scavenging, pastry purchasing, and shoe shopping. However, before we could reach the safety and dryness of the hostel the rain gods decided to bestow upon us their gracious gift of lluvia. You could practically go swimming in the streets. After playing in the rain, we headed to a burger filled dinner and finished in a record time of 13 minutes. Once dinner was complete, we took a vote to see who wanted to participate in Leon’s national holiday, Purissima.

This holiday is much like the United States halloween but a lot rougher, and chaotic. At each door, instead of saying trick-or-treat, we wailed “quein causa tanta alegria” which roughly translates to “who brought upon the happiness”. For those who wanted to go, the experience was both entertaining and surprising. The people here are much more aggressive in their need of candy and other goods than back home. Not only were the children participating, the adults were having a ball too. After about an hour, we headed back to the Hostel for our final Nightly Meeting. 🙁

Although it was slightly depressing, everyone enjoyed the passing of the torch (screeching and all) of Casey singing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. After nightly meeting we started packing and enjoying our final night together. Everyone misses home dearly, and can’t wait to be with their families. We will see you guys in a short time, don’t forget to bring our comfort foods (we are so tired of rice and beans).

*Photos are not wanting to upload tonight. Will try again in the morning!*