DSC_1048DSC_1079DSC_1088DSC_1090DSC_1095Today is the last full day that our delegation is spending in Nicaragua, and it was a crazy fun day. Despite the fact that that one of our members and a GG leader had to stay back, we all managed to have an incredible experience. Our day, however, started out a little bit Rocky. The goal was to be out of the hostel by 6:30 in the morning for a two and a half hour drive to the volcano. However, due to an abundance of factors, we ended up being over an hour late to the volcano, which sadly meant that we didn’t have to much time to enjoy it before we had to move on to our next activity. However, what we saw was worth it.
The volcano was one of the most amazing things that I saw in Nicaragua so far. While there wasn’t exactly much to see, based on the fact that it was covered in fog, it was incredibly powerful. It felt as if we were standing on the edge of the world, looking off into the unknown, and it was impressive, daunting, and absolutely beautiful. Some students, while taking in the sights, bought jewelery, took pictures, and collected volcanic rock to bring back to the US.
After we were done at the volcano, we had to head to our next stop, the market and lookout. Most students, when arriving, bolted off to go soak in the sights and buy themselves and their families presents. Some people bought bags or dresses, while others got customized leather wallets to share with their families. After we had all finished out purchases and gotten back in the bus, we headed out to our final destination, the Monkey Hut, also known as the Lagoon. We arrived there shortly after 12:30, ate a quick lunch, and, after waiting the appropriate 30 minutes, we all got ready to head into the water. Since the water was very deep, we were all required to wear life jackets, which created complete hilarity when some glimpsers were given jackets far to big. We were able to stay in the water for close to two hours, and most people, including myself, never left the beautiful water after we got in. It was an afternoon of swimming, laughing, and all around joy. After the two hours were up, we slowly left the water, most people going to the nearby dock to dry off and attempt to tan. We stayed there, outside of the water, for about an hour before we headed back into the bus to start our near three hour trip back home.
The final hours of the day were a bit quieter. During the trip back to the hostel, everyone seemed happily exhausted. At the beginning of the bus ride, we danced in the bus to “Party in the USA” and “Umbrella”, but towards the end, most of us were asleep. When we got back to the hostel around eight, we ate a quick dinner of lasagna, and started our nightly meeting. After we finished the meeting, most people started to finish our final tasks here in Matagalpa. During this time it really started to sink in that we’re going home in less then two days. As someone who was practically begging to go home at the beginning of this trip, I am incredibly sad to leave. This entire trip has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and one that I have been incredibly grateful for, especially for the time today, where I really got to spend time with my friends that I’ve made here and just have fun. Overall, I was very happy, and very lucky, to have picked today to lead, because it gave me a chance to say goodbye to Nicaragua on my own terms, with a smile instead of tears. Tomorrow is our last day in Matagalpa, and tonight is our last night here, and while seeing my family and my home is something I want more than anything, I will still be forever changed by Nicaragua, and I was happy that I spent my last fun day doing things that I loved.