Hey GG friends and family. My name is Josh Garcia and I had the pleasure of being the leader of our final Community Action Project (CAP) execution day. As this day approached my nerves grew because I have only had experience in leadership in sports and I knew I could not use the same tactics as a sports team. At the end of the day I am proud of the leader I was and I wouldn’t change anything if I had a second chance.   

As we were supposed to have a later wake up call than usual, this was not the case for most as we were woken up by the sound of the roaring thunder. Besides the fact a majority of our group decided to enjoy breakfast at Casa de Cafe leaving all but nine of us to enjoy some pancakes and pineapple at our usual spot the Comedor. Our whole group met up back at our hostel around 9:45am to leave to finish out CAP project. By the way our group worked during CAP day 2 I was concerned that we would not finish the job, but at the end of the project I was proud to present the work our group did for the students, teachers, and directors of La Association of Los Ninas y Ninos del Fortín.

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After a hard day’s work our GG leaders thought we should celebrate all the work we put into our CAP project and had arranged for a special dinner at a really nice cafe called Pazz de Luna. Since we didn’t eat at our usual spot it meant that we missed our beloved Gallo Pinto but somehow we managed to live without it. After dinner we headed to English tutoring, which is now starting to hit me knowing that we only have four more hours with some amazing people that we have bonded with very well.

As this blog post is my reflection on today’s events the thing that keeps popping up in my head is how this life changing experience will end in two days. We made great friendships and even better relationships. My wish for the group is that as our time here in Nicaragua comes to an end, we hold on to these relationships and memories and make the most out of these last couple of days.      

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