My peers also but mostly I learned what the feeling of separation was today. Also the experience of being a teacher to a new class that you know you won’t be with for long is difficult. Although the C.A.P. came to an end today it made me think about the amount of problems the community had that were irreparable, having not been dented by the slight changes we made. After finishing the repair of the after school center we had our final English class that ended as a talent show that was amazing. Many of the performances were singing in Spanish which were excellent. My group, formally known as 6 directions, performed a poorly choreographed dance routine composed of many indigenous American dances to certain communities. The excitement and amount of recorded video was great. With the trip coming to an end, we had to say goodbye to our English students. Seeing the excitement of the last class was horrible but I knew that our delegation left a mark on the community of San Juan de la Maguana the best way possible, through education and comedy. The most surprising event of today was seeing the before and after of the C.A.P. Having realized the amount of work to paint the beams yellow, paint the wall outside green, make a chicken coop, create a stone pathway outside, create a sustainable water system, and much more was refreshing when seeing how well it turned out. I was impressed with myself and more so proud of the communication my group had accomplished with having less Spanish speakers because the language barrier is a pain but a blessing to learn an amazing language. Today I was most inspired by the mayor. Having met Mrs. Hanoi Sanchez I saw the amount of love she has for people especially after inviting us to her home. She inspired me to have faith in certain things I believe in because she has so much commitment to her cause. Her belief in the bettering of her community has enlightened our delegation because she was born here and hasn’t given up on making it better. Having the title “ El Lider Del Dia “ was futile. No one was listening which made me take my annoyance into consideration but not have empathy for the leader whom have been the most and least reliable people on the trip. Other than having to be flexible the whole day because of the long goodbye we gave to our students, being the leader was the highlight of my trip. I learned that I can have more of a leadership role in peoples’ lives than I thought. My relief of temperament helped me establish an internal self value that my previous mindset could never alternate to.