Śi Se Puede! (Yes we can!) Hello! This is Elita Murtanu and Kabao Moua closing off the last day of our Community Action Project (CAP).

We began the day at 6am and continued with a refreshing breakfast at 7am where we had delicious toast, cheese, fruit, and turkey ham. Since it was the last day at the hostel (Fundacion) after 3 eventful weeks, we had to make sure everything was clean and that our suitcases are ready to go. We left for Rio Blanco around 10am to work on our CAP and to put the finishing touches such as adding a memoir, detailing the walls, and finalizing the merry go round. After working diligently for hours, the delegation took a break at 1pm to rejuvenate with a fulfilling lunch prepared by the welcoming cooks at Rio Blanco.

The rest of our day consisted with preparing for the inauguration party, which opened up the Area Infantil (Children Area) to the local kids. Everyone helped decorate the dining hall with balloons while others cleaned the Area Infantil so that it would be ready for the children. Once the party started at 3pm, the band began playing music and everyone stepped onto the dance floor. We then moved the party to the Area Infantil where we cut the ribbon so that the kids finally had a place to call their own. To celebrate the opening, we offered cake and refreshments to the guests as they danced and socialized together. Unfortunately, the party had to end and everyone had to say their goodbyes since it was the last day we would be at Rio Blanco.

The delegation arrived home around 6pm and we completed our donor letters so they could be sent off. Afterwards, we had our CAP final reflection where we discussed our strengths and weaknesses throughout the project. The group ate a dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs around 730pm and we immediately moved to the nightly meeting.

Although we are sad that this trip is coming to an end, we are all looking forward to beach day tomorrow!

See you soon,

Elita and Kabao