Today was our last day in Esteli.  We woke up at 6 am and ate our final breakfast at Hotel “El Chico”. We then had our last seminar, reflection seminar. It was a very sad moment because that is when it finally hit everyone that we were leaving this family we had become. We went from almost complete strangers to a family of 26. After the seminar, we had free time to do any last minute souvenir shopping or packing. We then had our final lunch made from the amazing staff at Hotel “El Chico”. We had extra time to do any last minute packing (if needed) and to finish writing our “thank you” letters to people who help and have helped Global Glimpse stand as strong as it does today. We put our luggage on the bus and headed back to Managua. It was a two hour bus ride. On our first night in Nicaragua, we ate at Pizza Hut and on our final night in Nicaragua, we also ate at Pizza Hut. After we ate all that pizza and hot wings, it was time for a little walk, so we went to the mall in Managua. We walked around the mall for a while and found a McDonald’s stand of ice cream, so we all decided to buy some. The nightly meeting was meant to be completely counterfeit. We all acted in a way that really amazed the new group of glimpsers who were staying at the same hostile as us in Managua. We were acting, of course, our nightly meetings were never like this, it was simply a joke. The new group did not find it to be funny at all but unprofessional. We never did tell them it was a joke. The day was approaching its end and we all slept for we needed to awake before 4 am because our plane left at 7 am the next day heading to Miami, U.S.