QD: How can we use our time wisely when you have to accomplish goals in a short period of time?  

Today has been long, productive, loving and emotional. On the second day, and we are almost finished with the project for Las Hormiguitas! The boxing area is near to completion, the wall paintings in the psychology room is full of life, and the murals are looking amazing.We received a special thanks from one of the children and the feeling was sensational. The children so far are having loads of fun with the punching bag, and the staff is very much pleased. It made the entire group feel great!


It’s been an emotional night, well from my experience anyways. Tonight was the last English class we taught to our students. The farewell part was heart-breaking. I personally have gotten attached to my students. After having a party with food, candies, and small, simple conversations, we all exchanged social network information to keep in touch. Two of my students cried, i received a bracelet and loving notes from two of my girls. The boys gave me kisses on the cheek, and we all shared a long group hug. I knew the emotional experience was coming, but I definitely did not expect to cry as much as I did. Realizing that I may not see my students or dear friends again hit me. The thought that I’ve inspired and have productively taught these students as much English as I can, watching them improve along the way, and providing a comfortable, challenging, fun, and passionate vibe for the class makes me feel like I’ve made a difference in the world. That’s what it’s all about. Now hopefully they can carry on the knowledge to others.