Our trip has slowly come to an end. We woke up at 3 in the morning in the same hostel we stayed the first night, for most of us, the exact room. The group packed up all of our belongings and made our way to the Managua airport. A lot of the guys were a little worried that their bags weighed more than 50 pounds but luckily all us tuned out fine. Once we got checked in and got our plane tickets, it was time to say goodbye to our coordinators. Mel and Denise were probably the best people to have on the trip because they were so nice and amazing, they will be missed by all of us for sure. It was not long until we got onto our flight to Miami. When we got to Miami we had several hours to relax and find something to eat! Some people had the amazing chance to see Kelly Rowland in which they all took pictures with and she even put us on her Instagram. The flight to SF was a time for reflection and a small time to say goodbye. We were really lucky to receive free food from the flight attendants that loved that we were on this trip. When we arrived to the San Francisco, we had our last count off of the trip and we made our way to see our family members and friends. We may have said our last count off but we did not say our goodbyes because although we will be apart we will always keep in contact with each other. We became a family in these two and a half weeks and our family will always be together.