We woke up at 8 AM for breakfast at Buffet Estelí. Some chose not to eat, but that wasn’t a problem because it was free time so we got the chance to go eat somewhere else for free time. Those who chose not to eat at Buffet Estelí decided to eat at La Casita, which is a place we had visited earlier in the trip. Others just walked around the city souvenir shopping and visiting cafes. We all met at Buffet Estelí for lunch and of course, some chose not to eat due to the fact that they had just eaten at La Casita or gotten a quick snack at the Panadería. After lunch, we had some more free time. Some people stayed at the hostel and others who hadnt gotten the opportunity to souvenir shopping did so. A few also got hair cuts from one of our English students – he was so happy to have us as customers.

After our free time, we headed back to the hostel to prepare for our last English class. We then headed to Buffet Estelí for dinner. Afterwards, a majority of the group went to the Bomberos to set up for English and a few of us went to the Panadería to get some pan dulce for our students. When everyone was at the Bomberos, we taught our class like usual. But at the end of class, there was a small ceremony honoring all of the children and the Bomberos staff for supporting us with our CAP project. We received certificates for all of our hard work with the children and beautifying the Bomberos. We then took pictures with our students and gave everyone pan dulce. Saying our final goodbyes was the hardest thing to do because we had grown so attached to our students and we all had so much fun teaching and establishing new friendships.

IMG_1613Teaching our last English class at the Bomberos.


Our in country coordinator, Mel, giving a speech to our fellow Bomberos.

IMG_1621Some of our students during the ceremony.

Chloe receiving honors from the Bomberos and the Brigadas (children training to be Bomberos)

Chloe receiving honors from the Bomberos and the Brigadas (children training to be Bomberos)