July 14, 2013

Word of the day: Friendships

Today I, Tajee, and the crew embarked on a challenging journey. The night before we were surprised to know that our journey was going to take place with another delegation. In the beginning our group wasn’t as excited as they should be but as leader my goal was to join both groups together.

As the day started, we were all tired but excited to go once we finished getting ready we got on the bus early to welcome the group. Also because the bus was outside our hostel. Once the other group got on the bus the trip to our first destination which was the volcano was on the move!

At first, the bus ride was extremely awkward. No one was talking to each other but when Federico (bus driver) played “We Are Young” the both isolated groups began singing along.

When we made it to the volcano everyone was amazed. Although we couldn’t really see the lava, we all made the best of it. After the volcano visit, we went to Mercado de Artesanias shopping center to blow our dough (money). After that, we went to the Nicaraguan version of KFC, Tip Top, to eat fried chicken. I personally believe Tip Top should come to the US and take KFC out of business. Once lunch was over we spent more money at another shopping center called Catarina. After we spent all of our cash, it was time to head back home to Matagalpa. When we said our goodbyes to the other group we realized we really like the group.

After the busy day, the night wasn’t over! It was disco time! We partied all night till the break of dawn (JK we left at 10:30p and no children were being inappropriate).

I, as well as my group members, would like to thank you all for reading our blog post. We all appreciate the comments. We love you all and to let all you know we are coming to SFO Tuesday, July 16th at 7:40pm so be there or leave your children at the airport 🙂

Accepting "the torch"

Accepting “the torch”


Group photo with another delegation we met up with

Group photo with another delegation we met up with

Late night leftovers meal

Late night leftovers meal