Today was a wonderful achievement: we finished our CAP (community action project)! Not only did the Glimpsers split up into teams to take on more tasks at Las Hormiguitas, but as a whole we came together to complete the entire project and make sure every task was taken care in a beautiful and loving way. We renovated the Psychologist’s room to make a more positive and calming environment for the kids by painting the whole room again because the paint was cracked, and adding on thematically planned designs to each wall. One wall was “Fantasy” and had a unicorn, rainbow, and castle with a Latina princess and cartoon characters in the window. Another was a “Pizarra” or “Blackboard” which we painted with blackboard paint to provide a space for the kids to express themselves. The last couple walls were “Nature” themed and consisted of a GIANT tree, butterflies, and flowers. Finally, there was a wall that had the Glimpsers’ hand-prints, as well as “GLOBAL GLIMPSE 2013” in the top corner.

Downstairs and out in the backyard, we created a giant mural full of ants and schools to represent the kids, as well as a beautifully crafted tree with green hand prints as leaves. In amazing cursive “Las Hormiguitas” now stretches across the wall, along with flowers, butterflies, and “Global Glimpse”. A little past the mural we constructed a gym area for the kids. There’s a shelf for storage and a sand bag hanging in the middle for the kids to get out all that anger and be active. This area was also wonderfully decorated with paint and designs. Finally, a couple of Glimpsers repainted the old Hopscotch, which was completely worn down.

All of these improvements seemed to be completely appreciated, and were met with tears, gratitude, and words of love at the end of the afternoon. After finishing our project of the last three days, we got to partay! We all got dressed up and went to a disco where a couple of our students from English classes met us. There was NO ONE else there, but the music still blasted super loud and we all danced with the 6 people that showed up to Latin Techno Club Rave whatever music. It was definitely a night to remember. The energy was high and relationships grew even stronger, this is a wonderfully fun group to be a part of and I think we’ll all miss each other dearly. Well! That’s what we did today! Carmina (Global Glimpser #9) over and out!