Today, we woke up in Rancho Los Alpes and we had very good breakfast. After we finished our breakfast we had a self reflection session where we talked about the group and how we would change as a person. The reflection was filled with emotions. We made maps of our journey and listed things we would start, stop, and continue to do. Also, we shared Big Loves with the whole group. This reflection session made everyone realize and think back on what we have learned over the past couple of weeks, and how this journey has changed us forever. As we finished our reflection session, we ate lunch and we packed our stuff and headed to our hostel. When we arrived at our hostel, our ceramics were there ready for us to take. As we got our ceramics, people started heading to their free time. When everyone got back from free time, we had dinner and we walked to our last day of English class. We had a mini’party in all of our English classes where the we and the students brought food and gifts. We laughed, danced, sang, played music. It was a bittersweet moment because it was our last time seeing tthem but it was crazy to see how we impacted their lives in these past couple of weeks. Once English class we were heading bck to the hostel when we ran into a surprise parade! There were bands playing, people dancing, decorated trucks, and cheering people. We enjoyed the parade and waited for it to pass. We later found out that the parade was celebrating when Daniel Ortega first owon the election. Most of the Glimpsers also danced and cheered along with the parade. After the parade passed, we went back to the hostel and had our nightly meeting. After, we cut the cake for Kendra{s 17th Birthday! Today was overall a sentimental day but it was full of last memories.