So basically we partied really hard, danced on raised platforms and met some intersesting Nicaraguan boys!!!

Just kidding, sort of . . . .

Saturday Night: At the hostel, the girls got dolled up and the boys got snazzy and we left for the club at 9:00 PM. We tried one club, but because it was not up to our standards we switched to the CIGARZONE. There were lights, techno music, dancing and a lot of bouncers. Ricky took the initiative to show us how to really get DOWN. Kyra got pushed next and in her words, “failed miserably,” but in my words, she brought the creativity of “Thriller” to the modern hit, “dougie.” Like “Footloose” we bonded over the art of dance, ¬†and forcing our leaders to get down with their bad selves. Like Cinderella; as the clock struck 11:30 PM the club died at the absence of our presence. We only got a few hours of sleep, but they were greatly needed for five hours later, we were already on the bus and on our way to Masaya.

As leaders, Kyra and I woke up at 4:45 to get everyone else ready for the day. Everyone was groggy but eager to get going. After an enjoyable bus ride, we arrived in Masaya at 8:30. Unfortunately, the entrance to the natural preserve did not open until 9:00, so some of us climbed trees while othere admired from the ground. Just before the park opened a large school bus pulled up, which to our suprise was filled with two other delegations – both from Matagalpa. After a few teary reunions all three deligations headed up the volcano to look at the gorgeous view. Afterwards we drove to one of the more expensive markets to go souvenior shopping. We then went to the classic fast food chain of Nicaragua, Tip Top, your usual fried chicken, coleslaw and fries.

Later we went to the Catarina which was a cheaper, but just as diverse market. There we also got to see a magnificent view and then took a walk down to one of the old parks down the street from the stores. Then we took the bus back at 5:00. We got back to Esteli at 8:00 and after dinner and the nightly meeting then we all headed off to bed.

Pictures will be posted later. Good night all.

Shout out to my mommy and mama, my bro Kyle, and my other brother Bryan. Wuv you. <3

And to my mum, and papa, see you soon.