Hola Amigos!

Today was our cultural immersion day in the Dominican Republic. Our first activity for the day was making a cultural Carnival mask called caretas. These masks have been worn for many generations during the Carnival celebration that happens every year in the DR around February and March. The DR’s version of Carnival is not like the traditional Carnival in that it is not focused on religion. Carnival in the DR is a time to celebrate and appreciate the people around you. Our delegates made all kinds of masks that you will see upon their return to the USA. After our immersion into the crafty side of the Dominican culture we delved into a traditional Dominican dance class where we learned how to dance Merengue and Bachata. Our instructor showed up a couple of different dance moves and kept the energy high the whole time! We will definitely be bringing some Dominican flair to our next high school dance. After our dance class, we had some down time to get to know each other a little better, play cards and some of us even got a chance to visit the local fruit stand (delicioso). We took a chance to celebrate one of our fellow glimpsers birthdays (shout out to Karizma)! And then at our nightly meeting we had a great discussion about culture and the compared the Dominican culture to the culture we have experienced in the Bay Area.

Thank you for following along! We will be back tomorrow with another version of our daily blog!

“Having somewhere to go is called home, having someone to love is called community.” -John Presime-