Today was ¨History Day.¨  We learned about the history of the Dominican Republic and, more specifically, the city of Bonao.  Our day began with a history seminar where the students learned of the most important events in Dominican history such as the early origins with the Taino indigenous people, the arrival of Columbus and it’s affect, independence from Spain, American intervention, the Trujillo dictatorship, the influence of the sugar industry, the arrival of democracy and contemporary issues.

The question of the day was ¨How important is history to the development of a country?¨Students reflected on this throughout the day as they went on a tour of the city of Bonao.  The picture you see of us by the car sculpture was at the art museum.  The sculpture is by Julio Valentin, a Bonao artist.

All students signed up to be ¨El Lider Del Dia¨ which means ¨The Leader of the Day.¨  This means that all students will have an opportunity to be the leader for one or more days.

We are amazed at the level of excitement and  participation of the students.  They are polite and respectful to the group leaders and each other.  We are learning and having lots of fun in the process.

Buenas noches!

Ismael and Tony