It all started with breakfast. We had eggs, toast, and orange juice. It was so good; they also served fruit that was cultivated in the Dominican Republic like fresh papaya, pineapple, and cantaloupe. After, we had a little icebreaker. We played a game to give us an idea of our fellow Glimpsers’ backgrounds to make a connection with people we hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. One of our activities was a brief history lesson in which we had to work together to organize all the scenarios of the Dominicans’ past history, from Christopher Columbus landing in Hispaniola (Haiti) to Trujillo’s Dictatorship. It was one of the more challenging activities.


The walk to the center of Bonao was interesting. We got to see Dominicans going about their lives first hand. Everything seemed so fast paced. The streets here are full of motorcycles traveling very fast in any type of weather. It was rainy for part of the afternoon and the bikers even sped through puddles.


For our free time today, we really had a fun time, came together, and continued bonding. It was great playing card games and enjoying one of the Dominican Republic’s past times, Dominoes.


Being “Leader of the Day” was a challenging role, but I will never forget my day today. I had to be attentive to others’ needs, but being in charge today gave me a great sense of accomplishment. The hardest part of my job today was writing this blog.


I will cherish today’s experiences for the rest of my life!