Hi everyone,

Today we are on the second day of the Glimpsers delegation and the very first full day of activities.

I am Tania Gutierrez, I am from Nicaragua.  I am so grateful to be part of this amazing group from California with Global Glimpse.  Today, I have the chance and the opportunity to be LDD, Lider del Dia.

Cool Beans:  We started the day with wake up call at 8 AM, then we got ready to have some delicious, yummy Dominican Food for breakfast. We did some reading about the history of DR and then we had another great meal for lunch.  Later on, we went on a city tour, getting to know the city and some specific places to get to understand where we are staying a little bit better.  We stopped by the central park and they have a beautiful tree that is called the Saman tree which is a lot older than the city, though nobody knows how old is, but for sure they know the city of Jarabacoa is 161 years old.  In addition, to refresh our group Carina, who is the Director of Global Glimpse for DR, brought some delicious ice cream. During my city tour, I was able to connect with one of the Glimpsers Ricardo. We were just talking about the history and the issues that people have living abroad and the difficulties in moving to a new country, whether or not they have documents.  It was also great to connect with John and Julio, the two program coordinators for this delegation. They are super great leaders, they know what to do to make this trip a great experience for all of the Glimpsers.

Being LDD is a big challenge that helps me to recognize that I do not need to worry too much about the upcoming things on the agenda.  Just start the day and let it be and go with the flow.  This travel experience is very similar to my home, Nicaragua.  What makes this a wonderful travel experience is the people. They make it even better and more powerful.  The hospitality and welcoming nature of everyone in the DR made it feel like I was back home.

Official picture in the central park of Jarabacoa.

In the city’s fire station with our speakers and friends at the end of the city tour.