¡Hola familias y amigos!

Today was day 2 for us here in Jarabacoa! We are having a wonderful time here and had a good first night after being exhausted from the travels over here.

After our breakfast of scrambled eggs, bread, and bananas, we started off with a seminar on the city of Jarabacoa and details on the rest of the trip. Then, the students got some time to write short “About Me” poems and posted them on our wall. The poems are supposed to inform us what each person wants to be asked about, for conversation starters. Lunchtime consisted of pork/avocados, ensalada, and rice. Then we had our big adventure…

Jarabacoa City Tour!

We met up with the Dominican youth ambassadors and they were very friendly with us. They first joined us in a game of volleyball (our most prominent pastime) then they assisted our PCs in guiding us through the wonderful city of Jarabacoa. From history to money exchanging to ice cream, we got to experience it all. We even took a tour of the fire station! Unfortunately, we forgot that we are in the Carribean and tropical storms are about… so we got rained on, but we made it through!

We closed out our day with self-reflection, a seminar on the Líder Del Día (LDD) and what that job entails as every single student will be required to partake in this task at least once during the trip, and our nightly meeting where our GGL Allen was selected to be the LDD for tomorrow with his talent of Stitch Impersonation.

This was made in a very famous ice cream shop in Jarabacoa. People from over 2 hours away will travel to get some!

Some of our students on top of a fire truck

Our walking tour of Jarabacoa

The morning after our first sleep (a couple of us are still inside right now)






Here’s to another day in our tropical paradise!  Don’t forget to leave us comments below, we can read your shoutouts at our nightly meetings to let your students know you miss them!