Hola Familia y Amigos.

Here is Denis Vallejos reporting about our second day here in Nicaragua. Starting with the weather most of the day was rainy however that did not stop us to learn and get to know more about the history of Nicaragua and Matagalpa, so here we go.

We started the day at 7:00 am with a wake up call to get ready for today’s activities, we had a special wake up for Sophia since today is her birthday, we sang her a Nicaraguan happy birthday song with some of the glimpsers and our amazing GG leader Michelle. After that at 7:30 we had breakfast,breakfast was so yummy we had pancakes, fruits and Dragon fruit juice. Then we had an energizer led by our PCs that challenge the glimpsers to get to know other’s people name, we had so much fun with that.

At 10:00 we had our first program seminar it was about culture & safety orientation, glimpsers learnt how to navigate in the Nicaraguan culture by role playing some of the cultural things that Nicaragua has.

At noon we had another yummy lunch, but the special thing about it is that we had a surprise for our birthday girl.


The surprise that we had was a tasty cake that all the glimpsers enjoyed eating, they were so exicited for having cake and Sophia was surprised because she did not expect this surprise at all.

We had so much fun sharing and eating cake together and all the glimpsers are starting to get to know each other better which is so nice to see people from different backgrounds and from different schools building relation among each other and that is what exactly this trip is about.

Around three in the afternoon the beautiful Matagalpa gave us the chance to walk around the city by stopping the rain for a while, we started our city at Hotel El castillo and we split in two groups ,Chelsea one of our program coordinator took a group of 10 and Denis (I) took a group of 11 glimpsers. The glimpsers were so into learning about the Matagalpa’s history.



The city tour was full of challenges that basically represented a way for the glimpsers to step out of their comfort zone, they were amazing doing that, here is a photo of one of our glimpsers talking and buying fruit from a local, the idea of this was to interact with local not as tourist instead more as a global citizen.

Finally we finished our day with an energetic and dynamic nightly meeting where the glimpsers shared their highlights of the day. Last but not least there is something that we want to share with all of you,  and it’s that a lot of people overcame their fear of bugs, because we had a pet, and its name was Patricio. We had so much fun with him and somehow, he helped some of the glimpsers to overcome their fear, here is a photo of him.

So this was day 2 here in Nicaragua and this is just the begining of this journey, hope you enjoy reading. Stay tuned for more updates. Good night everyone. Peace and love.