Dia 20: Final Self Reflection Day 

Our delegation had mixed feelings for our last full day in Estelí. Many of us were excited to return to our families and friends, but also sad that we would have to depart from our Global Glimpse
family that we developed during our Nicaraguan adventure.
We started the morning with the regular breakfast at Buffet Estelí from 9AM to 10AM. After eating a nourishing meal of eggs and gallo pinto, we returned to the hostel to begin our final reflection seminar. During this seminar, our Global Glimpse coordinators and leaders led several activities that allowed everybody to reflect upon our whole journey together. People shared their most memorable memories from this trip, individuals who have influenced their lives, and lessons that they have learned in Estelí. We also had a big love activity where every person gave everybody else a shout out for anything that person did throughout the whole stay in Nicaragua. There were many bittersweet moments during this seminar. Nic and Kelly sang a song that included everybody in our delegation and a characteristic the person had and Josue and Emma shared their appreciation for Global Glimpse and the bonds that they have made. Afterwards, Chloe led another activity that involved hugging one another. As we finished our seminar with  a unity clap, our group left to Buffet Estelí for lunch at 1:30PM. We had rice, beans, french fries, and fried chicken.
Our delegation separated into smaller groups of around six or seven so that we could enjoy our last few hours of free time safely. During free time, many of us bought souvenirs and local snacks for the plane ride the next day. Everybody returned to the hostel by 5:15PM so that we could start our last nightly meeting. After our the meeting, we walked to Casa Vecchia, a formal Italian restaurant. We all had a great time bonding with each other at our last dinner together. Finally, our delegation took a bus to Semaforo where we danced! Almost everybody went on the dance floor.  Lauren taught some of us how to dance and everybody had an awesome time! 🙂 Thankfully, nobody got hurt throughout the day and everybody had a positive attitude.