QD: How can I apply my experience in Nicaragua to my future goals?  How different am I now compared to the person that arrived in Nicaragua 3 weeks ago?

Today was our last full day in Matagalpa and a lot of fun.  We had a final reflection in the morning and then had free time after lunch.  It also just so happened to be Norman’s birthday today and tomorrow is John’s birthday so we surprised them with a delicious dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and a huge cake.  It was a great day to celebrate and just enjoy our last moments in Matagalpa.

As the last day in Matagalpa it was also a day we will never forget.  Everyone had mixed emotions between wanting to go home and wanting to never leave but in the end it is bitter sweet.  Our main goal today was to reflect on the experience we each endured and think about how it has changed us.  We did a long reflection on the trip and the challenges that we faced.  Many felt that they not only made a change in some of the lives here but also in themselves.  During the final reflection we realized that each of us went through self-growth, whether it be big or small.  We were realistic though in the sense that we know we are not a completely different person, but that we are better than the person we were the first day we came here.  We each will take this experience and utilize everything we learned about ourselves and the world to make a change, no matter where or what. Bonds were formed, tension arose, and tears were shed, but it was all worth it.


Thing 1 and 2 just showing some love on their final day in Matagalpa


Jade and Andrea doing some last minute souvenir shopping at our favorite shop.


Oh No! Norman got hit by the dart on his birthday!


Kalia is too funny! Never a dull moment with her


Norman is very excited to eat his birthday dinner. He does not like to miss a meal!


John was ready to eat and Carmina was well…just being Carmina haha


Our last and final dinner together in Matagalpa. One big happy family!


Blowing out their candles!


The cake was freakin delicious! Happy Birthday Norman and Don Juan


The birthday boys were full of joy and ready to eat some cake! Great way to end the night