July 15, 2013


This is Brooke and Laurie giving you our last blog update from Matagalpa, Nicaragua! Today was mostly a reflection day to think about what we have learned about ourselves and how we show our leadership skills. WE started off our day by presenting our Community Action Project to the school. Little did we know that as leaders of the day, we had Β to do the dedication in front of the whole school and many of the parents. The teachers really appreciated their gifts which consisted of school supplies for their classrooms. They were also very excited to see the pre-school classroom and the garden!

During our last seminar today, we created a journey map which shows our progress of how we felt about what we have done over the past three weeks and helped us think about how we want to change ourselves in the future. In addition, we had a time of appreciation for our fellow ‘glimpsers’ and it showed us that we aren’t just friends but a big family. Then we got to enjoy our last free time in Matagalpa. We then had dinner at a nice cafe near our hostel for our last meal. Fortunately, while we were at dinner, the hostel owners were setting up a party for our last night here. The party consisted of a live singer/DJ, gift giving, dancing, showing off talents, and capturing the moment through pictures.

Tonight has been bittersweet as we know that we won’t be able to see many of each other again and it has made it hard to say goodbye. Tomorrow will be hard, but we will always remember the amazing memories we shared in Matagalpa, Nicaragua!