After a great night, we woke up bright and early to start or Reflection day at Rancho Los Alpes. Then it began to sink in that the end of our journey was near. We did a final reflection seminar, evaluating all that we have discovered and experienced. We gave everyone “big love”, had a student open mic, and did a final unity clap to wrap up our time here. We laughed and cried as we reflected on our unforgettable adventures here in Nicaragua. We pledged to start, stop, and continue something we’ve taken from this trip, and evaluated how our leadership skills have evolved. We then were served a delicious lunch, and headed back to the hostel. We had 5 hours of free time, to do any last minute shopping, and to prepare for our last English tutoring class. All the classes planned fiestas to celebrate all that we have done in these last 3 weeks. Saying goodbye to our students was difficult, but it was rewarding to know we made an impact on our students lives. After the fiesta de depedidas we went home for a nightly meeting, and wrapped up the night with one last global glimpse ice cream outing. Now its time to pack, to get ready for the big departure! Its bitter sweet as we leave our second home here in Leon, though we are so excited to return home to our families in the United States.