My name is Alejandra and I picked to be the leader of the day for the Last Fun Day. I think today hit me and my peers the fact that we are almost leaving back home because we leave to Santo Domingo tomorrow. Today was just a really fun day for everyone; I loved seeing my peers have fun. After all our hard work they deserved it. One thing that surprised me the most was that today I was and felt like a leader. I stepped out of my comfort zone and showed people what potential I have. At home and school I’m known to be the quiet one and shy, but today I felt like I showed my peers that I could speak loud and get out of my comfort zone and I think I really surprised my peers from my school because they never saw that side of me before. What I’m most proud of me and my peers today is that we had fun, the water fall and dance class was just the fun things we did during the whole trip. Today I didn’t meet anyone who inspired me but when overall there’s one person who truly inspires me and pushes me because he sees the potential in me and believes I could do whatever I want. That person is my GG Leader Mr. Robertson. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have gotten to live this experience and learn to grow as a person. This trip was just an unforgettable experience and words can’t explain how much happy this trip has been and has made me believe in myself. Being “El Lider Del Día” was fun most of the time, I liked screaming and seeing peoples reaction. I tried so hard to be a good leader today even though it was frustrating at some point. I learned today that I showed believe in myself all the time and know I could do whatever I set my mind to, not care about the negativity others tell me and just to believe in myself.