Hello parents, GG Leaders, and fellow Glimpsers,
​Today is the day we have all been waiting for when we are reunited with our loved ones! This day marks the end of a remarkable journey that will always be in our hearts. This experience was not only an incredible opportunity but an everlasting memory that I will never forget. I have gotten incredibly close with my fellow Glimpsers and created bonds with all of them that I will never forget.
​We started off this memorable day with a wake up call at 7 AM and got ready by 7:45 AM. Then we made our way to our last breakfast in Nicaragua at Buffet Estelí! We had our favorite breakfast which consisted of rice with beans, eggs, and juice. After our breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to finish packing and to spend our last moments in Nicaragua together. We also finished our letters of appreciation and continued posting blogs. Some of us just spent time hanging out with each other while others played cards. We cleaned out our rooms, finished packing our luggage, and turned in our keys by 11:30. After we finished all our packing, I gave a speech to the hotel owner to show how grateful we were of his kind hospitality and presented him with a gift.
​Then we walked back to Buffet Estelí for our last lunch in Nicaragua. We had the usual lunch of rice with the option of beans, chicken, and plantain chips. After our fullfilling lunch, we presented the staff of Buffet Estelí with gifts and to our surprise they had keychains for us that said Buffet Estelí. We quickly walked back to the hotel because we were a little behind schedule. Once we arrived at the hotel we immediately loaded the suitcases on the bus so we could head to the airport. Surprisingly, the bus had some difficulty starting and we patiently waited while our bus driver, Ismael, tried to fix the problem. The bus wouldn’t start after an hour of attempting to fix the engine so they called another bus. While we waited for the next bus, we all tried to stay positive because that is one of the many things we learned throughout this trip. After the new bus arrived we rapidly loaded the luggage and were on our way to the Managua Airport.
​We arrived at the airport at 4 PM and got through security check around 4:30 PM. We spent some time at the airport buying lots of snacks before we boarded the plane at 5 PM. Then we arrived in San Salvador and boarded the next plane going back home. Most of us spent the first two hours talking and playing games while the next three hours were spent sleeping. We arrived in San Francisco at 11:30 which was extremly early considering the fact that we were supposed to arrive at 12:12. We made our way past customs and baggage claim to be greeted by our families!
​We did it! My fellow Glimpsers and I made it throught these past 3 weeks in Nicaragua with the support of each other and the help of our GG Leaders and GG Coordinators. They were a crucial part of this experience and guided us to become better leaders. To my fellow Glimpsers, we have created sensational bonds with each other and I will never forget my three weeks in Nicaragua with you guys.