Hola padres!

This morning we enjoyed eggs and croissants at Don Carlos. Next was a city tour led by a local Eco-club member studying tourism, Cecilio. The group walked to the beach to collect driftwood for a future garden bed project. The students worked together sawing the driftwood to the right size and loading the wood into the truck. Then, we walked to the hostel and took a bus to Dona Rosa’s house for a typical Ecuadorian lunch, rice with beans and chicken. Afterward, we walked to the school for a composting/soil workshop led by Kenneth.

We then met the Eco-club students and collaborated on various projects led by the students. For example, using the driftwood we collected in the morning to build garden beds, turning the compost bin, building a greenhouse, and painting signs. The students were able to use their Spanish skills to connect with the students in the club. We finished up at the school with a game of soccer but were easily beaten by the Ecuadorian students. For dinner, we returned to Dona Rosa’s for a potato patty, rice, and lentils. The bus ride home was filled with singing and chanting. To finish the day, we sat in a reflection circle in a park near the hostel. We discussed cultural differences between home and Ecuador and shared our “roses” and  “thorns” of the day. For students who were feeling a little backed up from traveling, David led a yoga session that made us feel better.