Today was culture day, so all of us traveled to Los Bohios and we all got to see the more traditional side of the Dominican culture. On our way our bus driver Jesus (DJ) played some really good songs and all of us were just jamming to it! While at Los Bohios we were shown how coffee was made and they gave some really tasty food/drinks. While there, Alba showed us the uses of the palm trees in contemporary Dominican/Taino culture. While there we learned how to play dominoes how the Dominicans play it. We were hooked and trying to win and we had all decided to get some dominoes to play on our free day!

Once we were at the hostel, Anderson came and showed us the moves to Salsa, Bachata and Merengue with the other Global Glimpse group from Chicago and we were a bit nervous at first, but we were all grooving to the beat by the end. The youth coordinators were also such helpful guides and were so kind! While at dinner our coordinators decided to buy us a cake for a fourth of July celebration and eat some delicious cake!  Overall we all connected and bonded with everyone else and shared a lot more with each other than all the other days so far. Me personally, I felt I was able to improve upon being a leader and to step out of my comfort zone to speak out and to have fun while being a leader! It was a long but fun day but will be getting up early tomorrow and be out and about in a coffee plantation!

Saludos desde Jarabacoa! -Brittany Gonzalez and Everyone!

JA1b Bus Day 2

Jamming to some tunes on a guagua


Learning how to play dominos at Los Bohíos.


Dance lessons!

Los Bohíos