Today we took a city tour of some of Jarabacoa’s most important landmarks. We walked from our hostel, Villa Anacoana to the city’s firehouse, city hall, and main church. As we walked the streets, we were shown many places to eat, shop and spend time while exploring the city during our chaperoned free time. At the end of our city tour, we enjoyed some delicious, all-natural Dominican ice cream!

From the city center, we hopped on an open-air Safari bus to Los Bohios Campo Anil where we learned about the tedious process of preparing delicious coffee and hot chocolate, from the beans and the fruit of their respective trees to the delicious warm cups of their brews. We were also shown how to prepare and eat casabe with the beverages, before being invited to sample each one. The highlight here, aside from drinking the coffee and chocolate, was the lunch. Many had seconds!

Back at Villa Anacoana, we had personalized dance lessons. When your Glimpser returns home, they should be able to share with you the four dances they learned.

Awaiting another day of adventure tomorrow…

bus/truck to Los Bahios Anil