Today was culture day and it was full of sights that can never be seen anywhere but here. The morning started with a trip to meet Alberto at Jalacate. Alberto has been going up to the mountain near his home for the last 37 years to carve the history and culture of Esteli into it. He welcomed us to his home, gave us a tour of many of the indigenous plants, then followed that with a tour of his carvings. The students were blown away with the intricacy and work involved in the carvings. Representations of the bible, Alberto’s dreams, the revolution, and even the distant past of the country were represented.


The group jamming with Nicaragua musician.

After spending time with Alberto and returning to the city, we had some fun in store. We all made cards using pieces of painted corn husks to create art for the covers. Designs included birds, flowers, ponds, and scenic countryside views. It’s quite possible many of those could get mailed home in the meantime. The card making was followed by a dance class where we learned some of many Nicaraguan dance forms. Partner and solo dances were practiced and the whole group seemed to have a great time. At the nightly meeting, the dance class was the highlight of the day for many of the group (though the fantastic meals might have had more shout-outs today).


Traditional Nicaraguan dancing.

All in all, it was a wonderful day 3 with the glimpsers clearly having a great time. We’re getting to know each other very well and a great time is being had by all. Tomorrow, we will have our first student leader of the day, so you won’t be reading a blog by me, but by them instead. Also, I’m hoping to fix the issue I’ve been having with posting pictures so you can all see some of the great sights.


Hilarious team building activities.