“Hola!” de los estudiantes de Global Glimpse! My name is Nicole Williams and I had the honor of being the first Lider del Día. My responsibilities included reminding everyone to drink water, keeping everyone in high spirits, as well as doing my best to be a role model for how students should act as they take their own turns being leader of the day.

We started our morning like yesterday’s, waking up around 6am. After enjoying a yummy breakfast, we headed back to the hostel to play a quick game to energize everyone. (“Bang” is a completely competitive game when it’s played by fifteen high school students.) Once we finished, we had our Academic Seminar, where we learned about some of the vast differences between Nicaraguan education and our own. It was truly an eye-opening experience.

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After our seminar, we traveled to Escuela Especial (Special School) where the principal of the school allowed us to play with the kids during recess. We then split into groups and were assigned to different classes to allow for one-on-one interaction with the kids. This was the perfect opportunity to practice some of our Español. As we left, we gave the principal a parting gift: a picture of all of us with our names signed on the frame.

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Traveling back to the Hostel, we had lunch buffet-style at Deja-Vu, a local comedor. After eating, we had another quick energizer where we all shared a struggle of communicating with the locals, but we soon realized that we are all here to support and help each other thrive. We then visited an orphanage called Escuela Jacina y Francisco, named after its first two attendees who sadly passed away. There, we enjoyed a huge game of kickball, Frisbee, and an epic piñata with the children. The elderly woman who runs the orphanage thanked us for our time, and we also gave her a signed photo as a token of our appreciation.

Upon returning to the hostel, we had another seminar, this time explaining how the English Tutoring would run. We all shared ideas about tips for working with people trying to learn english as their second language. All of us are extremely excited to begin classes tomorrow! We finished the night with some dinner, free time, and our regular nightly meeting. Until next time!