Today was our first day teaching kids English at Adolfo Kolping. We prepared our lessons the night before and were nervous about teaching kids around our age. To start off the day, we got up at 6:30am and got ready for an amazing breakfast of egg infused toast and fruits with yogurt and granola. Even the nervous feelings vanished after the first class; the kids were so nice and eager to learn. Everyone is excited to come back tomorrow and see and teach the kids again.

After our first lesson, we headed back to La Primavera and ate pork chops, potatoes, corn, and beans for lunch. Today was our first time leaving the hotel and grabbing snacks at a cute little convenient store. Even though we are super tired, we are making the best out of every privilege that is given to us. With not much time in between, we headed out to our next activity, an organic quinoa farm called Cooprobich. There, we listened to a presentation on how the quinoa was produced and sold. The view was so breathtaking from the farm. We could have all probably used a nap but the view was so refreshing and soothing. We learned a lot about the process of producing and packaging quinoa, which was an amazing experience.