Today, was full of the treasured arts in the Dominican Republic: starting with masks, to the traditional dances, and just being involved with the community. As the leader of the day, I made sure that everyone was safe, on task, and having fun during all of todays activities.

In the morning, we went over today’s agenda to make sure that everyone and everything was on track. Following that, we went outside and stretched to be ready for all of the activities. Shortly, we made our way towards the GG office to meet up with a local, “Gato”. Gato–who’s friendly and very passionate–helped us make cool masks…masks that are mostly used for  Carnaval.

Our teacher, Gato, showing us how to make the mask molds. 


An example of a dragon carnaval mask. 


Our friendly ambassadors then met up with our group at the accommodation (our hostel) after lunch. From there, we headed to a park which was just a few blocks away from us. Assuring that it was safe for us to cross the street, our ambassadors would walk in the middle of the street before us while holding their hands to signal the cars and motorcycles (mostly motorcycles) to stop. As soon as we got there, a wave of beautiful, yet loud melodies hit us; making most of our hips move without our permission. We soon made a circle and began to play games like Sin el Capitan, & Down by the Banks.


With our local ambassadors in the park. 

Soon we were able to intentionally move our hips since we had a dance class. Paul Rosado (our dance teacher) welcomed us with a very energetic but also, very polite smile. He is so passionate about dancing DR’s traditional dances. Which is why he was excited to also take time out of his day and teach us how to dance merengue and my personal favorite, bachata. Ironically, a class which many believed that was going to be tiring, turned into a mini dance party.



After finally freshening up–which was much needed–we met up in the meeting room to hear our English Tutoring Seminar. We had this seminar to prepare ourselves to become future teachers and teach many locals English. Of course with that, we had to take the responsibility of making our own lesson plan which was both exciting and hard…but of course, worth it!

Thanks for reading my blog.

-Tanya A.

Tanya, our Leader del Dia, dancing with our dance instructor!